Versatile classic bakery vehicle in two widths


With the BAKERY-MASTER 330, you have a powerful and attractive sales and bakery vending vehicle at your disposal. GAMO's tried-and-tested sandwich technology guarantees robustness and comfort without thermal bridges. The new design is characterized by a dynamic appearance. The round profiles and the vehicle tuning with railing, attachments and rocker panels give the bakery sales and vending vehicle an energetic and attractive appearance. The professional and functionally optimized interior makes your sales and vending vehicle an efficient, mobile and self-sufficient sales solution.

The sales and vending vehicle can be driven with a class B driving license and has no problems with environmental zones thanks to the EURO 6 standard. The bakery vehicle also fulfills all other necessary regulations - from the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations StVZO down to hygienic or occupational health and safety regulations. The chassis manufacturer's efficient service network guarantees that your vehicle can always ready-for-operation.

Optional snacking units in the counter and rear-wall area make your BAKERY-MASTER an ideal breakfast sales vehicle for cold snacks as well as for hot dishes at lunchtime. For some years now, almost every bakery or branch store has been offering "coffee-to-go" or snacks. The attractive additional sales with refined baked goods are a well-kept secret. Be it simply the buttered pretzel, the sandwich or baguette, the beloved Southern German "LKW" (abbreviation for Leberkäswecken which is a special type of pork loaf), the schnitzel or meatball roll, a slice of pizza or a hot sausage with a bun. A cold drink to that or something sweet with a cup of coffee - all tasty sales boosters for mobile vendors.

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      Sales area:

      • Durable GFRP polyester exterior
      • Interior with gelcoat surface treatment
      • Framing and profile edgings in aluminum, power-coated
      • Insulation with high-grade PU rigid foam

      A passage door gives access from the driver’s cab to the sales area. The sales flap on the passenger side is equipped with an electrical, interior flap-operating mechanism. The bag rest folds in and out automatically.

      Chassis / Dimensions / Weight:

      Renault Master EURO VI, 6-gear, power steering, ABS, platform chassis as standard with high roof in white.
      Available equipment components from the chassis manufacturer include sound and climate package, navigation system, radio, with many more optionally available.

      Interior dimensions (L x W x H) in mm:     3280 x 2160 or 2300 x 2050
      Exterior dimensions (L x W x H) in mm:    6000 x 2300 or 2400 x 2720
      Permissible total weight in kg: 3,500

      Load capacity dependent on vehicle equipment


      Bramberg spruce
      Amalfi white-gray
      Other decors on request
      Variant 1: Separated hygienic area with two shelves for commodity goods, optionally with bread-shelf system (beech/alum.)
      Variant 2: Separated hygienic area with two shelves for commodity goods, glass-door refrigerator as well as space for additional base refrigerator
      Variant 3: Separated hygienic area with two shelves for commodity goods, glass-door refrigerator, space for additional base refrigerator and installation space for various build-in gastronomy equipment
      Variant 1: Sales counter, all-through, for 16 standard bakery trays (8 outlay capacity/8 reserve)
      Variant 2: Sales counter with 2+1 tray evaporation cooling (2 outlay capacity/1 reserve) and 12 tray outlay (6 outlay capacity/6 reserve)
      Variant 3: Sales counter with 3+2 tray evaporation cooling (3 outlay capacity/2 reserve) and 10 tray outlay (5 outlay capacity/5 reserve)
      Variant 4: Sales counter with 4+2 tray evaporation cooling (4 outlay capacity/2 reserve) and 8 tray outlay (4 outlay capacity/4 reserve)
      Variant 5: Sales counter with 3+6 tray evaporation cooling 230 V (3 outlay capacity/6 reserve) and 10 tray outlay (5 outlay capacity/5 reserve)

      All-around lighting for glass panel
      LED lighting system for bread shelf
      LED effect lighting for sales flap
      Counter-top board (800/1200 mm)
      Solar package
      Awning valance
      Crosswind guard PVC/acrylic
      Checkout/register drawer
















      • Tuning package
      • Sun visor
      • Electrical interior flap-operating mechanism
      • Tray storage under wall-mounted work surface / counter above wheel well
      • Cutting board at rear wall / counter
      • Air heater
      • Shelf board with LED spotlights
      • Parking aid
      • Winter glazing
      • and much more
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