History & Innovations


It all began in the early summer of 1975 in
Tettnang near Lake Constance with the idea of equipping functional snack
vehicles and vending outfits with high-performance gastronomy equipment.

Exactly this combination led to the company name GAMO, which is composed of the words GAstro and MObile.
At first, all the gastronomy equipment came from Germany before suppliers could be found throughout Europe and later also in the USA and Canada.
Customers for hot dog stands, mini crêpes sales vehicles and snack vehicles were initially found in South Germany. 
After participating in various trade shows, customers from the rest of Germany, Austria and Switzerland were increasingly won.


After very successful beginning years, a new plant was opened in 1980 in Oberteuringen near Lake Constance, which had to be expanded already in 1983 to provide space for further employees.

This period also marks the start of the company’s own sandwich-panel production and the begin of building sales and vending vehicles – back then based on the FIAT Ducato.


Around 1986, the manufacture of sales and vending vehicles was accelerated, with the result that further production halls had to be built in 1988 and 1990, in order to meet the increased demand and production requirements. With the “German reunification”, business development exploded and delivery periods suddenly increased from two to more than twelve months.

1988 Innovation
GAMO® duetisso

Optimized sandwich technology (patent)


Under the given circumstances, contacts were established in the new Federal German States. In September 1990, a further limited liability production company was founded in Altenburg / Thuringia.


In autumn 1992, the still young production company in Altenburg already had to look for new, larger premises. The number of units had tripled in these years. GAMO had thus developed to one of the largest sales and vending vehicle manufacturers with hundreds of vehicles produced each year.

1993 Innovation
GAMO® hydroplus

Lowering technology (utility model)


The continuous expansion called for the purchase of a new plant in Ravensburg with approx. 5,000 sqm of hall space on over 13,000 sqm of land, so that the too small production halls in Oberteuringen had become obsolete.

In Hannover-Kirchhorst, a further facility was opened with the objective of combining sales and service activities in North West Germany.

1996 Innovation
GAMO® thermofloor

Integrated floor heating

GAMO® Cooling area for sales

GAMO’s development for the mobile butchery
(certificate and utility model)

GAMO® isotherm

Vehicle bodies with optimized insulation

1999 Innovation
GAMO® optidrive

… the new utility-model protected axle-frame
system for low-frame chassis on sales vehicles with weight-to-height
compensation for optimization – Also available for used vehicles!

GAMO® aquaplus

Waterproof and swell-free furniture parts


Opening of the new sales and exhibition center in Loedla near Altenburg / Thuringia. With this center, GAMO is provides the largest exhibition of mobile sales solutions and sanitary trailers in the new Federal German States.

2002 Innovation
GAMO® airplus

Fully-welded stainless steel counter with under-the-counter cooling area

2005 Innovation
GAMO® airreserve

Cold-pack refrigerated counter with special circulation cooling for mains-independent operation. (Mobile sales without generator!)


With a new strategy and revised product lines, GAMO specifically focuses on targeted business areas. The prime sectors bakery and butcher/meat develop to the most important mainstays. The snacking business remains our third focus of competence.

2007 Innovation
GAMO® airplus2

Optimized stainless steel refrigerated counter with circulation air for selling goods

2009 Innovation
GAMO® optimobil

New on-board power solution for mobile sales

2010 Innovation

Sales and vending trailer – New gastronomy-vehicle system in retro-look


After a development period of several years, the
RETROLINER sales and vending trailer series is added to the product program and
sets the standard with its new design. The RETROLINER trailers are designed for
the bakery and butcher’s sector, as well as for all areas of the snacking

The BAKERY-MASTER success concept is launched. It includes tailor-made, mobile success solutions for the entire bakery industry.


GAMO further expands its product range and, in addition to professional sales and vending vehicles and trailers, offers its customers an all-round service package for entering into and/or optimizing mobile sales.


GAMO presents a further product line for mobile vendors of bakery goods and snacks. The BAKERY-COMPACT product series, GAMO supplements its range of mobile sales solutions. A further innovation are the two VAN-TRANS models, which offer a double benefit with the GAMO folding counter: A vending and a transport vehicle in one.

A revised BAKERY-MASTER program marks another milestone. GAMO develops to an industrial vehicle manufacturer with roots in craftsmanship. This means: Standardized series production on the one hand and individualization on the other. After the RETROLINER, a design offensive also starts in the other series.

The year 2013 marks the beginning of a generation change. GAMO’s founder finds a management team that will strengthen the company for the future. The tradition and structure of a family business remain unchanged.

2014 Innovation

High-quality food trucks for mobile street food sales and vending


The successor concept introduced in 2013 is completed. With a new management team and a group of investors at its side, GAMO consistently pursues its growth course and prepares for the future.


… was a special anniversary year for GAMO: 40 years of GAMO! Thanks to all of you that celebrated the anniversary with us and continue to accompany us on our path!

Over the last few years, the company has been completely modernized, from the product range to the structures and processes – GAMO 2.0. GAMO’s old strengths have unfolded once more. Having its roots in the gastronomy and snacking area, GAMO contributes tremendously to the street food and food truck wave. Our customers can individually configure their desired vehicle and thus become proud owners of an individual and professionally equipped STREET-FOOD-MASTER or RETROLINER.  Further countries were established as primary sales areas.

The expansion continues!

2016 Innovation
GAMO® FTT 460 Retro

SANITARY TRAILER in retro-look

2017 Innovation

THE GAMO® FTT series is revived