Spare Parts & Repairs


Spare-parts service – Fast, flexible and competent.

Do you require spare parts for your sales and vending vehicle or sanitary trailer? To ensure that your vehicle is always ready for use, our spare parts service team will be happy to assist you. We offer the following options:
  • Spare part dispatch via express and parcel service
  • Pick-up of spare parts at our locations
  • On-site installation service

Our repair team is ready to serve you - On location or at the factory

A vehicle not ready for use can quickly lead to loss of sales. For us, swift repair service goes without saying. From the accident report to the vehicle handover – We’ll get your vehicle back on the road again. In the event of insurance claims, we’ll settle all questions that arise and draw up the necessary documents for your insurance company with the help of a professional vehicle assessor. We offer the following options:
  •     Repair service in one of our locations
  •     On-site installation service
  •     Claims settlement with your insurance company
  •     Drawing-up a vehicle appraisal


Our additional services:

We help our customers implement mobile business models. We gladly provide our know-how and experience of decades in an extensive consulting program.
We are your experienced partner in the mobile sales and vending business.

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