SANITARY TRAILER FTT 500 self-sufficient, movable

Self-sufficient restroom trailer, drivable when filled

SANITARY TRAILER FTT 500 self-sufficient, movable

The new SANITARY TRAILER FTT 500 self-sufficient, movable is a unique, intelligent and fully self-sufficient restroom trailer, which can be towed when the holding tanks are filled. Due to the design, this is not only possible, but also admissible. Extraction vehicles are no longer required. This allows for the trailer to be set-up on location as required, free from any conditions. The restroom trailer measures the filling levels of the fresh and gray/black water tanks in real time via battery operation, reacts immediately in the event of malfunctions and controls the ventilation as well as the access system, if required. Optionally equipped with a UMTS module, the restroom trailer transmits the current operating status in real time to the operator.

The heatable, stainless steel gray/black water tank is particularly easy to clean, thanks to its cleaning openings and integrated flushing system. The processing of high-quality materials and attractive decors convey cleanliness, value and hygiene. The modern sandwich design provides for smooth, visually appealing and easy-to-clean surfaces. The solid plastic flooring is non-slip and the entire interior is made of water-resistant materials. Cleaning can thus be easily carried out with a water hose.

As part of our model range, the FTT 500 self-sufficient movable meets the highest demands. It is equipped with a total of two toilet cubicles in the ladies as well as one toilet cubicles and a urinal in the gents section

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      A total of three toilet cubicles and a urinal are available.
      The restroom layout is as follows:


      • 1 urinal
      • 1 wall-mounted toilet
      • Washbasin with faucet
      • LED lighting system


      • 2 wall-mounted toilets
      • 1 washbasin with faucet
      • LED lighting system


      Atrium grey for partition walls
      Apple green for doors and shelves
      Orange for doors and shelves
      Other decors on request


      Solar panels

        • Heating system for wastewater tank


        • Monitoring unit with LTE module


        • and much more






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