GAMO lifting station 90 l / 150 l

Powerful maceration pump for restroom vehicle

GAMO lifting station 90 l / 150 l

Transportable lifting station, model "BLUE BOX", available with or 90 or 150 liters capacity, with integrated carrying handles for easy and convenient transport. The need for powerful maceration pumps at events is constantly growing. At many festival events, a nearby sewer connection is simply not available. GAMO's maceration pump gives you more flexibility for placing your restroom vehicle.

The pump reduces solid matter to small pieces and can transport the matter to distances between approx. 50 and 70 m.

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      Transportable lifting station model “BLUE BOX 90 / 150” with integrated handles for easy and convenient transport.

      Weight: 35 kg / 40 kg

      Capacity: 90 liters / 150 liters

      Integrated electric 230 V motor pump with special impeller & cutting system. The pump housing is very robust and manufactured of die cast.

      • Low weight (only approx. 35 kg / 40 kg)
      • Powerful pump with stainless steel cutting system
      • Reach 50–70 m

      The box dimensions are selected to fit GAMO restroom trailers. Simple placement directly below the waste water outlet (HT) of the restroom vehicle is therefore possible without any problems. The wastewater is fed directly into the box. From there, the wastewater is transported to the next sewer or tank by means of a wastewater hose.

      The following GAMO SANITARY TRAILERS are suitable for the following pump sizes:

      BLUE BOX 90 l:

      • FTT 320
      • FTT 390 HANDICAP

      BLUE BOX 150 l:

      • FTT 460
      • FTT 610
      • FTT 500



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