Food Trucks definitely belong to the winners of the fast-food trend. No doubt – this is not about unhealthy and greasy food. Food-truck operators generally are quality-conscious creative cooks, striving to offer their customers something “special”.

Imaginative dishes are no longer only being offered in gourmet restaurants, but are now becoming increasingly popular throughout the world as “Street Food”. With our Food-Truck series, we manufacture Food Trucks based on direct customer input that create a stylish and sympathetic cooking and vending atmosphere, providing you with the necessary setting for a successful eatery on the road.

A truck with the “rough edges” that its trucker has. A powerful appearance, when it all matches, from design to driver.

Individual Equipment and Configuration

Your Food Truck can be individually equipped, configured and adapted to match the requirements of your specialty area. An array of possible concepts and designs are available under – Be inspired!

Applicational Purpose

Break/lunch service
, event and party service, festivals, sporting events
Street-food markets, Food-Truck meetings
Weekly markets

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