Mobile cash-register system with receipt printer and integrated GPS module

    • Each checkout or cashing procedure is automatically linked with a GPS signal

      This enables you to know when and at what location, your Food Truck has made which sale with what product.

    • Set up your individual GEOzones
      Let your key customers automatically know via SMS, E-mail or phone as soon as you arrive at a certain specified spot.
    • Save hassles with the tax authorities
      Our cash-register system is GDPdU-conform (GDPdU “Grundsaetze zum Datenzugriff und zur Pruefbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen” – principles of data access and auditing of digital documents) and meets the applicable guidelines.

The first GPS cash-register system for mobile sales

The principles of data access and auditing of digital documents (GDPdU) shall enter into force as of 31.12.2016. With GAMO’s new tablet cash-register system, you easily comply with the documentation and archiving requirements, and also maintain the digital overview over your mobile business.

The system is provided with integrated GPS function. This allows you to evaluate, even to see “live” where which sales are being made in what period of time, and where your vehicle is or if it requires supplies/goods. This information offers unforeseen opportunities for business management! Realize optimization approaches, generate additional turnover and prevent unprofitable tours or stopping points/locations.


GEOZone – Innovation with Brains

Make use of the many possibilities of our GPS cash-register system and configure customer-specific GEOzones!
With the help of GEOzones, which you can define in your GPS portal in advance, you inform your customers – easily and convenient – via SMS, E-mail or phone message, of the latest ongoings concerning your mobile business. Example: As soon as you enter a GEOzone (e.g. a bus stop, street, district), your customers are automatically informed about your coming by means of their telephone, pc or tablet. At any time, you are in control of the type and content of the messages.

This technical innovation offers a multitude of applicational possibilities:

  • You provide the information that your Food Truck is about to arrive
  • You inform customers of specials and what is on the menu
  • You provide loyal customers exclusive voucher codes/coupons
  • You let customers know, if your vehicle has a delay
  • Use the GEOzone set up as a regional advertising platform

The advantages are clear. To-the-minute news and offerings not only represent added value for your customers, they also increase customer loyalty and thus form the basis of your „fan community and key customers“.