Our takeaway-food trailers are ideally suited for mobile sales of snacks and takeaway food at permanent locations or on markets, or private and public events

Be it classy, customized or in the look of our RETROLINER takeaway-food trailer, our program offers the most varying models for an array of takeaway-food branches. Our design and planning team will also gladly realize completely individual VARIO solutions for your mobile takeaway business.

As vending trailers, the RETROLINERs are an optimal add-on to your mobile vending business, be it at daily vending locations or for a permanent set-up. The RETROLINER takeaway-food trailers impress with their one-of-a-kind appearance.

In addition to the traditional stationary operation, can you also visualize your future in the business of mobile meals and snacks? If so, then you should have a close look at our SNACK-MASTER models or the RETRO-MASTER RL 400 FOOD TRUCK – our mobile „motorized“ eatery and takeaway vehicles.


    to keep up business during a shop or store renovation, repairs und shortfalls due to accidents


    Tour-planning, tour optimization, practical and educational training