BACK-MASTER sales and vending vehicles are suitable both for the mobile sales of bakery goods and snacks, as well as for breakfast and lunch services


GAMO’s BAKERY-MASTER program focusses on requirements in the bakery branch. With our products, you are always perfectly equipped for mobile sales on the go, at markets or as delivery service for breakfast or lunch. The BAKERY-MASTER models can be found here.

Make sure to also check out our SNACK-MASTER models. These offer extensive possibilities down to complete lunch menus at maximum added value.

As vending trailers, the RETROLINERs are an optimal add-on to your mobile vending business, be it at daily vending locations or for a permanent set-up. The RETROLINERs impress with their one-of-a-kind appearance.


    to keep up business during a shop or store renovation, repairs und shortfalls due to accidents


    Tour-planning, tour optimization, practical and educational training