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Year Innovation
1988 GAMO® duetisso
Optimized sandwich technology (patented)
1993 GAMO® hydroplus
Lowering technology (utility model)
1996 GAMO® thermofloor
Integrated floor heating
1996 GAMO® Refrigerated cooling-area for vending (Verkaufskühlraum)
A GAMO development for mobile butchers (certificate and utility model)
1996 GAMO® isotherm
Vehicle bodies with optimized insulation
1999 GAMO® optidrive
… the new, utility-model-protected axis-frame-system for deep-frame chassis on vending vehicles with weight-compensation for optimization; available not only for new vehicles!
1999 GAMO® aquaplus
Waterproof and swell-free furnishings
2002 GAMO® airplus
Fully welded stainless steel counter with under-the-counter storage
2005 GAMO® airreserve
Refrigerated counter for storage, with special circulation-air cooling system for network-independent operation. (mobile sales without generator requirement!)
2007 GAMO® airplus2
Optimized, stainless steel refrigerated section with guided circulation air for sales requiring cooling
2009 GAMO® optimobil
New on-board power supply for mobile sales
Sales and vending trailer – -All new gastro-mobile-system in RETRO-look