GAMO – 40 Years of Company History


Everything started in the early summer of 1975 in Tettnang at Lake Constance with Mr. Manfred Straub’s business idea of fitting functional eatery / takeaway / sales and vending vehicles with professional, high-performance gastronomy equipment. Exactly this combination also led to the Company’s name GAMO, which is a combination of the two words GAstro and MObile.

In the beginning, all of the gastronomy equipment was supplied from Germany, until suppliers throughout all of Europe and eventually from the US and Canada were won. Firstly, customers from South Germany acquired hot-dog stands, crêpes vending and takeaway-food vehicles. After participating at various trade shows, customers were won throughout Germany, as well as in Austria and Switzerland.


After very successful initial years, a new facility was opened in 1980 in Oberteuringen near Lake Constance. Only three years later, in 1983, the facility had to be expanded for further employees.

This period also marks the launch of our own sandwich-plate production and the begin of vending vehicles being built based on the FIAT Ducato.


Around 1986, the sales of our vending vehicles were increased, which led to the requirement of additional production halls in 1988 and 1990, to meet the production demands. With the fall of the „Berlin Wall“, our business development virtually exploded, resulting in sudden prolonged delivery periods from two to twelve months.


Under these conditions, contacts were established in the new Federal German States, and an additional production company was founded in September 1990 in Altenburg/Thuringia.


By the end of 1992, the still young production company in Altenburg already needed larger facilities. Within theses years, the output quantities had tripled. With hundreds of produced units per year, GAMO had developed to one of the largest manufacturers of vending vehicles.


The continuous expansion made the purchase of a new production facility necessary, for which the city of Ravensburg had been chosen. Approx. 5,000 square meters of hall space on over 13,000 square meter large lot replaced the Oberteuringen plant, which had become too small.

Additionally, a further establishment was opened in Hannover-Kirchhorst, to support and concentrate the sales and service activities in Northwest Germany.


Opening of the new Sales and Showroom Center in Lödla near Altenburg / Thuringia. With this next milestone, GAMO establishes the largest exhibition of mobile vending solutions and sanitary trailers in the new Federal German States.


With a new strategy and re-engineered product lines, GAMO now specifically focusses on several business areas. The primary branches in the baker and butcher areas develop to our most important mainstays. The takeaway and eatery business remains our third key area of competence.


After several years of development, the RETROLINER vending-trailer series is included in our product program and sets the standard with its new design. The RETROLINER trailers are designed to cater both to the bakery and the butcher branches, and also cover all possible areas of eateries and takeaway food.

The BAKERY-MASTER success concept is launched! It includes custom-made, mobile success solutions for the complete bakery industry.


GAMO continues its expansion and offers customers, apart from professional sales vehicles and trailers, an all-round service package for start-ups and/or optimization of existing sales and vending businesses.


GAMO presents a further product line for mobile bakery and snack vendors. With the BAKERY/COMPACT product series, the Company supplements its array of mobile vending and sales solutions. Another innovation are the two COMBI-TRANS models, which, owing to GAMO’s foldable counter, cover two vehicle applications in one outfit – a sales and vending vehicle and a transport vehicle.

A completely re-engineered BAKERY-MASTER program sparks up another change for GAMO’s business. GAMO further develops to an industrial vehicle manufacturer with strong focus on craftsmanship. This means standardized series production on the one hand, and individuality on the other. And – after the RETROLINER – a new design strategy is about to be launched for other series too.

With the year 2013 also comes a generation change. Company-founder Manfred Straub puts a management team together, that lead the business into the future. The tradition and structure of a family-run business, however, shall prevail.


The succession concept drawn up in 2013 is fully implemented. Along with the present General Sales Directors and Shareholders – Mr. Haber and Mr. Bell – the top management of the GAMO Group has been backed up by the Managing Directors Mr. Wendler and Dr. Schüssel, who are also both Company Shareholders. With an Investor Group on our side, GAMO can consequently continue its path of growth and is perfectly set up for the future.


A special year for GAMO with its 40 th anniversary!


GAMO Jubiläumsbroschüre

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