Breakfast & Lunch Service

GAMO offers ideal sales and vending solutions for mobile breakfast and lunch service.

The program focusses on the requirements of all those caterers wanting to offer breakfast and lunch service. No matter if you’re a baker, butcher or mobile eatery, with our products, you are always perfectly equipped for offering breakfast or snacks on the go. Our extendable program for a variety of lunch services will leave nothing left to be desired! Our SNACK-MASTER LINE or our STREET-FOOD-MASTER Food-Trucks are the perfect choice here.

As vending trailers, the RETROLINERs are an optimal add-on to your mobile vending business, be it at daily vending locations or for a permanent set-up. And – the RETRO series also impresses with its one-of-a-kind appearance. A feast, also for the eye!


    to keep up business during a shop or store renovation, repairs und shortfalls due to accidents


    Tour-planning, tour optimization, practical and educational training

Customer Testimonials


The Honold Bakery


The Honold Bakery

„GAMO’s Tour-planning is definitely recommendable for any newcomer to the business“

Jutta Wihlenda – From the Honold Bakery

Within a daily breakfast tour all around Neu Ulm, the Honold Bakery provides their fresh bakery goods and snacks to the customers of various companies. „The GAMO-BAKERY-MASTER SM 330 BS is the ideal sales and vending vehicle to provide both bakery goods as well as hot and cold snacks, including a variety of beverages“, says Ms. Wihlenda. Our varied array of bakery goods and snacks is greatly appreciated by breakfast customers and companies, as many of them do not have – and can continue to spare – an own canteen. „As we were totally new to this line of business, we decided right away to make use of GAMO’s professional Tour-planning“, reports Ms. Wihlenda. In close cooperation with the Honold Bakery, GAMO’s specialist advisers provided for a smooth planning process and thus enabled the tour to start right on schedule. „Apart from acquiring new customers, GAMO also supported us in designing flyers, posters, adhesive vehicle labels and training our sales staff“, so Ms. Wihlenda.

The Dedler Bakery


„From the initial meeting with GAMO to the final step, the start of our sales tour, it took only six weeks …“

Thorsten Arbter – The Dedler Bakery

„Within a period of 6 weeks, GAMO ideally supported me from the beginning on in planning and setting-up my breakfast tour, and showed me what I have to watch out for. I’m nothing less than thrilled!“ so Thorsten Arbter on his experiences. First up, industrial zones in the vicinity were checked for their potential. Pretty soon it became clear which zones would be best suited to achieve the stated sales targets. „We informed companies about our plans in personal talks and with advertising measures“, so Mr. Arbter.  GAMO’s internal Marketing Department also supported the Dedler Bakery’s advertising measures and the designing of the flyer. In no time at all, a sufficient number of companies were won as customers.