The tried-and-tested FRESH-MASTER vending vehicle with dual sections for the mobile sale of fresh meat and sausage products.

The GAMO FRESH-MASTER SM 380 FF with refrigerated counter is the perfect vending vehicle for fresh products on the weekly markets or in cross-country sales. With its powerful refrigerated counter, it is also the ideal addition to an existing operation, and suitable both as a second mainstay or as your sole mobile main business. Thanks to the integrated under-the-counter pull-out drawers, there is ample space for supplies, which can be conveniently stowed below the refrigerated sales counter in standard boxes.

Sales area in sandwich design

  • Durable GFRP polyester exterior
  • Interior with GELCOAT surface treatment
  • Aluminum framing and profile edgings, powder-coated
  • Insulation with high-grade PU rigid foam

A passage door connects driver’s cab with sales area. The sales flap on the passenger side is equipped with an electrical, interior flap-operating mechanism. The bag rest folds in and out automatically.

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The AIRPLUS 2 refrigerated-counter system is equipped with a one-piece welded stainless-steel trough.The sub-counter area below is cooled throughout and available either with fold-up flaps or EURO pull-outs. The powerful AIRPLUS 2 refrigerated counter ensures freshness and coldness by means of contact cooling and adjustable air-curtain cooling.


  • Integrated refrigerated sales counter with complete stainless steel outlay = hygienic and simple cleaning.
  • All-through base-cooling feature below the refrigerated sales counter (huge capacity), incl. refrigerated-counter pull-out drawers for EURO BOXES/CRATES and/or access flaps.
  • Liftable-fittings for glass panes counter allow easy loading and cleaning of the counter


  • Rear wall with rail for sausage/meat hooks
  • Hygienic area with hot water, towel and soap dispenser
  • Shelf board
  • Storage area


  • Tour package for cross-country sales
  • Power supply with installed battery pack
  • Automatic opening of sales flap with the push of a button


  • Rear area covered off well to the customer, and equipped with       hinged door in sales area.
    This ensures optimal protection of the goods against heat/cold.


  • Menu display or panel
  • Shelf system for commodity goods
  • Rail for sausage/meat hooks
  • Decorative boards
  • Butcher block
Technical Data

RENAULT Master 2.3 dCI engine, 81 kW/110 HP

SM 375 KS / SM 460 KM, permissible total weight 3,5 to = standard driver’s license, uprating of payload possible

Interior dimensions: (L x W x H) in cm: Box body sizes 380 or 460 x 232 x 205
Exterior dimensions: (L x W x H) in cm: approx. 620 / 700 x 240 x 275
Total weight: 3,500 kg
Load capacity: 525 kg
Floor Plan



GAMO – Setting new standards with the GAMO FRESH-MASTER SM 375 FF! This vending vehicle convinces not only with its huge refrigerated counter and dual sections, but also through its robust and durable design.

Available in two body sizes:

Two different on-board power packages are available for mobile sales.

  • Power-supply package for mobile sales
  • Generator systems