Refrigerated-counter sales vehicle with enormous capacity and large under-the-counter storage. Apart from classic meat products, the powerful vending vehicle with refrigerated counter of the FRESH-MASTER series allows you to easily offer fish, dairy products, such as cheese or cold snacks. The versatile FRESH-MASTER 380 shows its true strengths in tour sales, cross-country sales and at markets. Thanks to the integrated and cooled under-the-counter pull-out drawers, there is ample space for supplies, which can be conveniently stowed below the refrigerated sales counter in standard boxes.

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The AIRPLUS 2 refrigerated-counter system is equipped with a one-piece welded stainless-steel trough.The sub-counter area below is cooled throughout and available either with fold-up flaps or EURO pull-outs. The powerful AIRPLUS 2 refrigerated counter ensures freshness and coldness by means of contact cooling and adjustable air-curtain cooling.


  • Integrated refrigerated sales counter with complete stainless steel outlay = hygienic and simple cleaning.
  • All-through base-cooling feature below the refrigerated sales counter (huge capacity), incl. refrigerated-counter pull-out drawers for EURO BOXES/CRATES and/or access flaps.
  • Liftable-fittings for glass panes counter allow easy loading and cleaning of the counter


  • Rear wall with rail for sausage/meat hooks
  • Shelf system for commodity goods (flexibly usable)
  • Hygienic area with hot water, towel and soap dispenser
  • Shelf board
  • Storage area


  • Tour package for cross-country sales
  • Power supply with installed battery pack
  • Automatic opening of sales flap with the push of a button


  • 2 Gas-Bain-Maries (for keeping food hot) on customer-side
  • LPG range/oven in rear, e.g. for meatloaf
  • Integrated refrigerator with glass door, e.g. for beverages


  • Menu display or panel
  • Shelf systems
  • Butcher block
Technical Data

Sales area

  • Durable GFRP polyester exterior
  • Interior with GELCOAT surface treatment
  • Aluminum framing and profile edgings, powder-coated
  • Insulation with high-grade PU rigid foam

A passage door connects driver’s cab with sales area. The sales flap on the passenger side is equipped with an electrical, interior flap-operating mechanism. The bag rest folds in and out automatically.

Chassis / Dimensions

RENAULT Master 2.3 dCI engine, 81 kW/110 HP

SM 375 KS / SM 460 KM, permissible total weight 3,5 to = standard driver’s license, uprating of payload possible

Interior dimensions: (L x W x H) in cm: Box body sizes 380 or 460 x 232 x 205
Exterior dimensions: (L x W x H) in cm: approx. 620 / 700 x 240 x 275
Total weight: 3,500 kg
Load capacity: 525 kg
Floor Plan


360° Picture

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Additional Information

GAMO – Setting new standards with the GAMO BACK-MASTER SM 375 KS! This vending vehicle convinces not only with its huge refrigerated counter, but also through its robust and durable design.

Available in two body sizes:

  • SM 375 KS, size 380 cm with all-through AIRPLUS 2 refrigerated counter
  • SM 460 KM, size 450 cm with all-through AIRPLUS 2 refrigerated counter