The compact BAKERY-MASTER SM 320 van

This vending vehicle for bakers with high-quality equipment is an ideal companion for cross-country mobile sales, sales in smaller communities and in narrow streets or alleys. The BAKERY-MASTER 320 vending vehicle/van is an ideal companion for mobile sales.  Compact and agile on the road and at the same time perfectly equipped. The functional interior for bakery goods leaves nothing to be desired. The bright sales counter with easy-to-clean liftable-fittings for glass panes and integrated refrigerated counter provides plenty of space for bakery goods, cakes & pies, pastries and snacks.

Applicational Purpose

Delivery vehicle (van)
cross-country sales
Breakfast-Service with cold snacks

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More Information



  • Sturdy wooden floor plates with single-layer vinyl flooring in muted shades of gray
  • Interior trim made of high-grade vehicle plywood with attractive wood decor in plastic; ceiling in white.


  • Illuminated counter for baked goods with sloped outlay for 5 standard bakery trays (or for 10 trays in double outlay)
  • Liftable-fittings for glass panes, anti-glare, with sales board
  • Refrigerated showcase (approx. 120×60 cm) for 3 trays + 2 storage trays in the rear sales counter with sliding safety-glass panes and refrigeration unit
  • Shelf board illuminated counter area
  • Acrylic dust-protection panes over complete length of counter


  • Storage cabinet with hinged doors for fresh and wastewater canisters, with 12 V water heater and knee switch
  • Stainless steel-double sink with water faucet hygiene package
  • shelves for commodity goods above sink area
  • Shelf system for bread loafs (in 3 levels, adjustable)
  • Wall-mounted work platform, with open storage space below
  • Ceiling panel with additional back lighting


  • Battery power supply with 3 high-performance gel batteries, incl. current transformer and battery charger
  • Battery-monitoring device and isolating relay to alternator


  • Additional front glazing
  • Additional front board
  • Heating system
  • Refrigerator with glass front
  • Entrance step
  • NEW – ZEBRANO wood/light-gray design
Technical Data


  • Sales flap in sandwich technology
  • Durable GFRP polyester exterior
  • Interior with GELCOAT surface treatment
  • Aluminum framing and profile edgings, powder-coated
  • Insulation with high-grade PU rigid foam

A passage door connects driver’s cab with sales area. The sales flap on the passenger side is equipped with an interior flap-operating mechanism.


CITROEN HDI 130 FAP 96 kW van, high roof, diesel engine, 6 gear transmission, meets Euro 5

Dimensions & Weight

Interior dimensions: (L x W x H) in cm: 325 x 179 x 190
Exterior dimensions: (L x W x H) in cm: 599 x 205 x 252
HP / kW: 96 kW
Total weight: 3,500 kg (gross combination weight rating)
Additional Information

The current van model „BAKERY-COMPACT SM 280“ (Renault) has been supplemented through the new „SM 320“ van (Citroen). The Citroen van offers more interior usage without being extensively larger on the outside.

The rear wall features more length with 3 adjustable shelf units, approx 1/3 of the space for commodity goods, as well as an all-through wall-mounted work platform as standard. The alley is somewhat more spacious, offering more mobility and usability for two persons.

The sales counter comes with an integrated refrigerated section with optimal cooling capacity. With a capacity of 3 standard bakery display trays, as well as two additional storage trays, mobile vendors can optimally present and store cooled products. The rest of the counter, as standard with GAMO, can be fitted with trays in double rows, meaning with 2 x 5 trays. The area below the counter as well as below the work platform provides ample space for storing standard-size boxes.

The counter glazing with liftable-fittings for the glass panes is anti-glare and upon request, counter-top showcases with integrated protective-winter glazing are available. Additionally features, such as permanently installed entry step, an alarm that protects against driving with opened flap and special thermo storage containers are available upon request and separate order.

Floor plan


360° Picture

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