Our breakfast vehicle offers great versatility – in the morning as a breakfast vehicle for cold and hot snacks, and at noon and midday as a bakery-goods vending vehicle in residential areas.

For years now, almost every bakery shop has been offering „coffee to go“ or snacks. And everyone is aware of the attractive additional sales of those pimped-up bakery goods. Be it simply the buttered pretzel, the lovingly prepared sandwich-style buns or baguettes, the ever-adored South German „LKW” (a hot and hearty slice of meatloaf on a bun), the chicken-fried steak or burger-style meatball on a bun, a slice of pizza or a hot frank, of course, with a bun or bread roll. Add to this a cold beverage or a sweet snack with a cup of coffee – all scrumptious sales items for the mobile vendor.

Applicational Purpose

Breakfast service with hot and cold snacks
Lunch catering / Lunch service / Food-Trucks
Mobile and cross-country sales
Classic market vending

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  • Refrigerated showcase for cakes with evaporation cooling and sliding windows
  • Liftable-fittings for glass panes, anti-glare, with sales board
  • Sloped outlay for 12 standard bakery trays
  • Counter for baked goods that can hold 2 (or 4) standard bakery trays in double outlay
  • Detachable service board with drawer
  • Professional LPG range/oven, double Bain-Marie
  • High sneeze guard up to the dust-protection glazing
  • Detachable coffee station, installed embedded at the height of the reduced bag rest (without coffee pot)
  • Acrylic dust-protection panes over complete length of counter
  • Open storage space aside of wheel well
  • LED lighting system with adjustable spotlights


  • Storage cabinet in front for water supply, 12 V water heater, knee switch, refrigeration unit with outside-accessible service flap, power supply and partition for one LPG cylinder.
  • One-piece work counter with PVC double sink, water faucet and hygiene package
  • 2 shelves for commodity goods above sink area
  • Open storage space aside of wheel-well housing
  • Storage shelf for 5 standard bakery trays incl. securing device for travel
  • 3 compartments available – 3 bread shelves in beech wood or 3 shelves for commodity goods
  • Bottle refrigerator at vehicle rear on driver side


  • Battery power supply with 4 high-performance gel batteries, incl. current transformer and battery charger


  • 2 baskets with securing device for travel below the shelves
  • Stainless steel hygienic unit (soap and towel dispenser)
  • LED-highlighted menu panel (black) on rear
  • Decor in zebrano wood/light gray/anthracite
Technical Data

Sales area

  • Durable GFRP polyester exterior
  • Interior with GELCOAT surface treatment
  • Aluminum framing and profile edgings, powder-coated
  • Insulation with high-grade PU rigid foam

A passage door connects driver’s cab with sales area. The sales flap on the passenger side is equipped with an electrical, interior flap-operating mechanism. The bag rest folds in and out automatically.

Chassis / Dimensions / Weight

RENAULT Master 2.3 dCI engine, 81 kW/110 HP

Interior dimensions: (L x W x H) in cm: 328 x 232 x 205
Exterior dimensions: (L x W x H) in cm: 600 x 240 x 275
HP / kW: 81 kW / 110 HP
Total weight: 3,500 kg
Floor plan


360° Picture

Post from RICOH THETA. – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


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